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Dangerous Electric Bikes

By: Hanna Qian

Electric Bikes have been a big hit for the 2023 summer for all teenagers, with kids riding their bikes to the pool or park. But there are some dangerous situations that can happen while riding an electric bike. There have been multiple terrible crashes on the big roads because the bikes are too fast for the sidewalks but too slow for the big roads. The e-bikes industry has been booming, but there are concerns on how safe they are for teenagers.

Some e-bikes range from 20-55 miles per hour. With fast moving cars, inexperienced riders end up merging into the traffic high speed traffic. Even though it’s an electric bike it’s still following the same laws as a bicycle. Although communities have been warning people about e-bikes, the laws are still broken. Days after the warning, a 15 year-old got killed from being struck by a van, but the driver hasn’t been fined or charged. There have been many accidents with teenagers getting injured during this summer.

There has been one kind of model called the Light Bee Electric bike. It’s known to be easy to maneuver just like a bicycle. There is a speed restraint on the bike, but there are videos on how to remove it. So the bike can go close to 70 miles per hour. There has been a lack of resources to investigate more about electric bikes. So, some bikes might even have a motor in it. It’s too soon to figure out if the electric bikes are even the right decision to give to teenagers, but considering all the accidents, it doesn’t seem too friendly.

Electric bikes have been a big hit this summer, but there have been some unpleasant accidents that make people change their mind about buying an electric bike.

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