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Daisy Meadows

By: Connie Cao

The air smelled like honey lemon. It reminded her of the cake her mother would make on special occasions. Her nose wrinkled at the solid sweet smell, but she liked it. She, too, enjoyed the flowers and grass tickling her ankles. The grass swayed side to side in the breezy wind. It was almost like sleeping on a bed. Was she dreaming?

She lay on the field for a long time long, staring at the vivid sky.

“It’s so quiet here,” she thought.

The only sounds she could hear were the chirps of birds and her slow breathing.

She couldn’t help thinking of when she and her mother baked a cake. It was a humid summer day in July. Her mother was stirring a honey-lemon mixture while singing along to a song on the radio. She saw her mother dancing and singing while stirring the mixture. The memory was so vibrant in her eyes. Then the memory slowly faded away. She could no longer hear her mother’s voice. The sound of footsteps echoed the silence. Gradually growing louder and louder until…

“Lily, what are you doing here alone?” a tiny voice asked.

Lily glanced up. A girl of around fourteen was looking around the fields, mesmerized by the beauty.

“Hello, Amanda. What brings you here?” Lily replied.

“Ms. Jenkins wishes for you to return. She’s furious. She thought you ran away.” Amanda said, eyes widening.

Lily shivered. She would surely get punished, but she still told Amanda she would return.

“Ok, I’ll go. Can you please walk with me?” Lily said.

Amanda glanced into Lily’s fearful eyes.

“Of course. That’s what friends do! But please tell me, why did you come here in the first place?”

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