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Dagger Thief

By: Jessie Sha

“Quick!” I said, running toward the raging river.

“What are you doing?” Alana asked, pulling off her boots.

“Getting to our destination! The only place we will be safe!” I yelled pulling my shoes off and running into the shallowest part of the river. Alana followed reluctantly. She hated getting wet, but this was our only way of losing the people chasing us.

“You know this is all you fault right? They’re after you!”

“Yeah, I know, but only because they stole MY dagger. I had to get it back you know.” I said pointing to the hidden pocket in my shirt.

“Well, that’s true, but you better run now!” She said, splashing through the water. I dropped my shoes as I waded through the water. That wasn’t a big loss. Without them, it would be easier to sneak around without leaving any tracks.

“Alana, you know where the destination is right?”

“Of course, I do Adelyn.” She said. We walked silently for the next few hours until we finally spotted the small hotel.

“There.” I said, pointing to the random cottage incongruously sitting just across the bustling street full of zooming cars. I turned my head, looking around for cars, then darted forward and the the front door.

“You know what Adelyn?”

“What?” I asked.

“You’re crazy.”

“I know, and I’m sorry for dragging you into this.” I said, walking towards the reception and pulling out my ID. The front desk lady looked up and pointed down the right hallway. I was a usual at this hotel. I walked down the corridor, Alana following looking at the evergreen walls with gold designs on them.

“There it is 18.” I said unlocking it with my ID. On the inside was a bathroom, 2 beds a sofa and a closet with secret compartments. I walked into the closet, looking to see if there was anything left over from the last stay here. Just then there was a loud THUD. I jumped up and ran back into the room.

“Alana!” I yelled looking around for her.

“I’m right here!” She called, waving from the bathroom.

“Oh thank goodness, I thought they had broken in.”

“Right, you mean Kalani the one who’s been after you because you took her “weapon.”

“Yes, that evil girl is now out for me. She’s either trying to take me hostage or kill me.” I said shuddering at the thought of it.

“It’s fine, you have a weapon and you’ll be ok. There are so many hiding places anyway.”

“But she knows this place like her home. There’s no hiding from her unless you can find something new.” There was another thud and then the door started shaking. “Oh, no, I have got to get out of here. But I can’t leave Alana.”

“Quick, the closet!” I whisper-scream, running into the secret compartments. Fear crosses Alana’s eyes, as she runs in after me.

“Wait, look at that.” Alana whispered, pointing to the large painting that has been tipped to the side. I pull it back and see a whole other compartment.

“Hide there.” I said, crawling into the compartment.

“Good idea.” As quiet as possible, I positioned the painting back to its original position but without the small tip to the side. The door slammed open probably leaving a dent. We huddled into the corner.

“Come out you little thief!” I heard Kalani yell. I could practically see the fire dancing in her eyes. I could hear the sounds of things smashing into the floor. My heart was beating so loud I swore Kalani could hear it. Alana squeezed my hand hard taking breaths to calm herself.

“I know where you are!” Kalani said, her voice getting louder. She walked into the closet; her footsteps became more obvious by the second. I heard her walk into the first secret room. Through a small crack, I could see her leg right in front us. I saw her turn around, then left. I waited a few seconds and finally let go of the breath I had held. Then, a loud crash. Light flooded in. Alana stared down at us huddled in the corner, panting and holding the painting in her hands.

I woke drenched in cold sweat, staring at the ceiling. “Kalani, my book character is after me.”

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