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Crystal Lapez’s Life.

By: Amanda Li

Crystal Lapez was a fairy. She lived in the Wishia Mistune as the minister’s daughter. But she knew that the minister wasn’t her real mother. You see, Crystal has a great memory. She was wide awake when the minister kidnapped her when she was a baby. Her real mother’s image was sketched perfectly in her mind. Black hair, green eyes, and a kind smile. Now back to Crystal’s present reality! On her 5th birthday, she got Hootie, an owl.

Crystal was extremely tall for her age, had messy-looking hair, and blue eyes. She always wore her amethyst boots.t and a brown, leather dress. She was the type of girl that, when you look at her, you’d think, ”Oh, she’s not tough!” but inside, there is a wrestler that never loses. If you hurt one of her friends, you should run, and if you don’t, you’ll be thrown out of the kingdom and into the Lapez Gem, 96,71,253 miles away. She is a tough, kind, athletic, and girl. She had also made friends with Lily Wishia, the Genuine Princess. They would play in the palace together, and their mothers would talk about the situations in the kingdom. While Lily’s brother, Gemini, watched them, they would ride horses, swim, and run, and Crystal would always win.

When magic classes started, Crystal begged her mom to take her to class early. After only two months, Crystal could do anything with magic. Self-defense was like asking her to throw you into the Lapez kingdom. She got her letter to AOC (Academy of Magic), one of the best schools in Fairy Land, located in the fairy mountains. Lily was going too. At this, Crystal jumped up and down for two days!At AOC, Crystal signed up for a fight to see if she was Queen Lapez’s lost daughter. She also picked up a couple of friends, to add. They were Oceania Wateria and Luna Moonstone. After the first leg of the fight, she had a month’s delay.

There, she had a good free month with the Quad. In the Finals, she fought with great effort, and after doing the most dangerous hex in the entire planet of Fairy’s, the Error Shot, which would stop the opponent and half destroy them and also damage the caster if they weren’t ready. But Crystal only got a little tiny cut. Then she won. Due to this, Queen Lapez’s finally and happily declared Crystal her daughter.

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