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Crowd Taking Over The Song Due To Lewis Capaldi’s Tourette Syndrome

By: William Lin

Have you ever seen the beauty of humanity? Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer, songwriter and musician. One of his songs that shot him to fame was his hit single “Someone You Loved.” This song is known by almost everyone. However, events suddenly took a turn when Capaldi was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in September 2022. Tourette syndrome is a type of neurological disorder that can be caused by either genetic factors or bacterial infection. People diagnosed with Tourette syndrome have sudden and uncontrollable movements called “tics.” During Capaldi’s performance at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England on June 24, 2023, he started experiencing tics. . Capaldi struggled to sing “Someone You Loved” due to his Tourette syndrome, but the crowd came to his aid and took over, helping Capaldi finish the song. This heart-warming moment was caught by the BBC and fans in the crowd. These touching moments at Capaldi’s concert will forever be remembered for showcasing the beauty of humanity.


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