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Cricket Scotland Board Resigns Because of Racism

By: Rachel Liao

Around July 24, 2022, on a Sunday morning, the Cricket Scotland Board of Scotland resigned because of racism reports.

This did not come as a surprise to many. It was expected to discover racism in the Scottish game.

The resignation letter reviewed the situation as being “truly transformative, not just for Cricket Scotland but for the sport of cricket,” and said it would “provide a watershed moment for Scottish sport and society in general.”

In a statement reacting to the resignations on Sunday, a spokesperson for Cricket Scotland said, “Cricket Scotland will work in partnership with Sportscotland with immediate effect to ensure appropriate governance, leadership and support is in place for the organization and the sport in the days ahead, and these arrangements will be reviewed after the publication of the report into racism in cricket in Scotland and updates given accordingly.”

Several people are desperately trying to fix this issue.

The Scotland Board repeatedly apologized for the misbehaviors but although they put effort into meeting the timescales of actions the report recommended, the governance could not achieve such standards.

However, there were much more negative aspects to this than just the board resignation. Majid Haq represented Scotland on more than 200 occasions and won 209 caps for his country from 2002 all the way to being sent home from the 2015 World Cup. He hinted that he felt victimized on the subject of racism.

“Consequently, we believe we must now step aside to enable the required progress to be made in the coming months,” the board said.

On the contrary, there were others who believed that this resignation would take a turn for the better.

For instance, Aamer Anwar, the lawyer representing Mr. Haq and Qasim Sheikh, said that the resignation is a good idea, since they could not pursue this career in their current form.

“It’s a welcome step, but it’s just the start,” he announced.

“We must step aside to enable the required progress,” the board said.

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