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Cricket Cartoon Bluey

By: Alan Chen

Cricket’s World Test Championship Final rated extremely high across the five days of action but Australia’s international triumph has been outdone by a different cricket event. The cartoon Bluey has become a very popular show on TV. The show is based on a family of blue dogs, featuring a mom named Chili, a dad Bandit, a sister Bingo, and the main character Bluey.

With three seasons of around 150 episodes each, the show has had cricket inside of the episodes, but only as a side or small talk with the characters. But recently Bluey has had another episode full of cricket, which brought adults to tears.

The story features Bandit, the dad recounting the story of a game of cricket at a kid's birthday party, when another character, Rusty, gets the crease. As the adults try to get Rusty out, he hits all of them around the field. Bluey said that cricket is just about hitting a ball around the grass, before her dad tells her cricket is more than that. While it doesn’t sound like it could bring on tears, the end has left many feeling emotional.

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