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By: Eli Chen

The Australian cricket team scored a six during the cricket world championship. There is a cartoon called “Bluey’s”. This shows a family of blue dogs having fun. The dog’s scientific names are blue heelers. Blue heelers are Australian dogs. The characters are mom Chilli, dad Bandit, sister Bingo, and Blueys.

In the cartoon, the characters play cricket. Well at least they try to. They play cricket at a friend’s birthday party. Dad Bandit says that cricket is just “about hitting the ball around the grass”. Cricket is basically baseball but it’s more unique. There is a bat. There is also a pitch.

It’s like a pitcher in baseball. The pitch throws the ball to the player batting. When they hit the ball, the people on the field have to try to get it and get the players out. How they do this is by getting hit by the ball. To get points you have to switch positions as many times as you can with the person opposite of you.

This cartoon motivated the Australian team to hit a 6.

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