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Crash Incident in Michigan Air Show-What Exactly Happened

By: Amy Liu

At the Michigan Air show this Saturday, some controversy has stirred up. There, a driver,

driving a truck propelled by jet engines, was killed after the driver crashed.

The race truck included three jet engines with a combined 36,000 horsepower, making it really fast, and therefore, hard to control. The race truck had crashed during the pyrotechnic portion of the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival in Battle Creek, Michigan.

The driver of the truck, Chris Darnell, is said to have passed away. He was a member of a family who had worked on the air show for years.

“Chris had a crash, and the jet truck flipped over, and, unfortunately, he did not live,” said

Barbara Haluszka, who was the side director of the air show. “All other details are 100 percent

under investigation.”

It was said to be an “mechanical failure on the jet truck”, according to Darnell’s father.

Darnell’s father also said that “Chris loved the air show business. He was living the dream.”

Videos from spectators showed the truck going down the runaway at the airport, with fire

shooting out of the backside. An announcer declared “He’s coming down fast, he’s coming down real fast!”

Ryan Traver, a scientist working on the situation, had figured out part of the problem.

“It’s not liked a car in a racetrack, where you slowly pace up the speed” he said, “It’s zero to top speed.”

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