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COVID is still a problem for Tennis

By: Carys Wee

Unlike other major sports, tennis has struggled as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads.

The Wimbledon tournament was first held in 1877 and is played at the Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, England. When players win they get a prize of $662,000. Unlike other sports, tennis is devoted to its health and medical guidelines, and has reflected where society at large has been at every stage of the pandemic.

With tennis players living in bubble-like conditions and testing for COVID, the sport finally moved past COVID-19 after 27 months. However, tennis players are still face restrictions on their movements, conduct video conferences, and have cotton swabs stuck up their noses at tournaments.

“So many rules,” Rafael Nadal, a Spanish professional tennis player, said. “For some people some rules are fine; for others rules are not fine. If there are some rules, we need to follow the rules. If not, the world is a mess.”

The Spanish star Paula Badosa said that she didn’t worry about COVID. “I had all types of Covids possible,” she said. Badosa first tested positive in Australia, in January, 2021, and has the virus twice more. “I had a vaccination, as well. So, in my case, if I have it again, it will be very bad luck.”

Tennis has been held back by the COVID pandemic, but has pulled through, following the rules in order to play Wimbledon.

Source:Tennis Is Done With Covid-19, but the Virus Isn’t Done With Tennis - The New York Times.pdf

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