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Covid-19, the virus that has disrupted society, is now impacting tennis

By: Emma Ke

Covid-19, the virus that has killed more than six million people, has also created many financial problems: 20 million households in the U.S. reported that they didn’t have enough to eat, and 10 million were behind on rent. The virus has also spread worldwide, leaving a trail of grieving families and the deceased behind it.

Covid has also affected many sports, forcing many viewers to watch virtually, rather than in person. Many athletes were also impacted: Novak Djokovic, one of the best men’s singles players, caught Covid-19, which made him unable to participate in the Australian Open.

Even the United States Tennis Association recognizes the dangers of playing tennis without Covid precautions. They put up a set of rules and guidelines to follow if you’re playing tennis in person. They recommend staying six feet apart, ensuring you wash your hands, and do not touch fences, benches, gates, etc. The U.S. has also required all foreigners to be vaccinated before entering the country, but that doesn’t stop others who are already inside the U.S from refusing to be vaccinated.

But these precautions are easily forgotten during big events like Wimbledon or other Grand Slam tournaments. Fans are too overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing their favorite athletes play in games, which results in fans failing to be cautious.

This breach in carefulness has been shown to have effects on stars, such as Paula Badosa, a professional tennis player. “I had all type of Covids possible,” she stated. She was also vaccinated, so officials believe that she must have been infected quite seriously while on tour and vacation.

These safety mistakes are putting lives at risk and making many sick. Athletes like Badosa and Djokovic have been infected by Covid once or many times.

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