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Court in Fontaine

By: Zerlina Tang

As the High Judge taps the gavel,

The verdict is decided for the case

But is it really over?

As all scatter away, only two remain

The one girl with white hair and a gentleman’s hat

Who has been watching everything keenly

From above the high judge

Lets out a sigh of annoyance

“Boring! I mean,

Why do I even bother?”

She says as she leans back on her seat.

“When are we finally going to see a real twist

For once?”

She says as she holds out a piece of

Burning black paper

And blows away the dust

The High Judges states


“Please refrain from levity in the court.

This trial is far from over.”

As the Scale of Justice tilts to one side

The girl’s eyes shine blue



What she, a goddess, has been looking

For her nation

What could a “peaceful” nation

Truly hide under its beautiful cover

And can it truly endure

The wrath of the group

Who takes gods down?

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