Countless “Deaths” Caused by Murder Hornets: A Letter to the Editor

By Brayden Yin

Dear Editor,

I am writing to comment on “Countless Deaths Caused by the “Murder Hornet””. The title says countless deaths. It doesn’t say deaths of HONEYBEES, it just says deaths. The title made me think at first that PEOPLE were dying due to stings from the “Murder Hornet”.

Another thing is the scientific name. The scientific name of the murder hornet was not mentioned. The scientific name was Vespa mandarinia. It would have helped if there was some explanation about WHERE the Asian Giant hornets are most concentrated in the US. I looked at the source, and there were a few paragraphs about another “murder hornet”. It was the Vespa Crabro. The article might be put more into perspective if the V. Mandirinia was compared to the other murder hornets.

The last thing is, there is a difference between a hornet and a wasp. A wasp makes its nest out of spit-out wood pulp. Asian Giant hornets live inside dead logs and other hollow places. A wasp also has a very slim waist and is more aggressive. However, Hornet venom is more deadly. They both can sting multiple times. Both stingers are serrated so when the stinger is being pulled out by the wasp or hornet, it stings more than a bee sting.

I hope that these suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Sincerely, Brayden

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