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Could Plants Ever Eat Humans?

By: Victor Zhang

There are many carnivorous plants. There are some plants that eat meat, for example the pitcher plant, the venus flytrap, and the sundew plant. But could they ever eat a human? These plants thrive in nutrient-poor soil, so they make up with nutrients from bugs and other small animals. These plants use digestive juices to digest bugs or small animals.

Plants are not able to eat humans because of their size. This fact is proven by ScienceNewsExplores, “Large mammals could escape by simply thrashing about, says Adam Cross… A person trapped in a pitcher plant could easily punch a hole through its leaves to drain the fluid and escape, he says.” This shows that our current pitcher plants wouldn’t be able to eat a person.

However, a large sundew plant might be able to trap a person. This is proven by ScienceNewsExplores, who interviewed Cross, a scientist, who said, “‘The best human-trapping plant would be a massive sundew that carpets the ground with long, tentacle-like leaves,’ Cross says. Each leaf would be covered in big globs of a thick, sticky substance. ‘The more you struggled, the more you would become enmeshed and the more your arms would be unable to function properly,’ says Cross.”

Will plants ever be able to eat humans? No, at least not in the short future. The plants are not able to consume a human. They simply aren’t capable to grow large enough to catch a human. Do you think it will ever happen?

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