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Could a plant ever eat a person?

By: Sophie Wang

At this time, no plants are capable of eating humans, plant species can only eat small insects and flies.

The Pitcher Plant’s shape, for example, is like a pitcher or a tube, so that if insects fly in the tube, they will be digested by the Pitcher.

How could the bugs get into the Pitcher? The leaves around the Pitcher are as sweet as nectar. Lots of insects will think that the Pitcher Plant has nectar and that it is a flower. They will fall into the tube of the Pitcher and never get out and will be digested. Why can’t the insects escape? The wall of the Pitcher is slippery, so they can’t escape. There is another kind of fly trap called the Venus Fly-Trap. The Fly Trap has sticky hair and it has the flavor of nectar.

When an insect flies in the mouth, the Venus Fly-Trap gobbles it up.

The last kind insect eating plant is the Snap Trap. It also has the nectar flavor. It curls up and lets the insect get stuck in the spiral. They will be digested, too.

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