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Could a plant ever eat a person?

By: Irwin Koh

There are a lot of plant species in the world, but could anyone eat a person?

Most plants such as trees, grass, and flowers need water, soil, and the sun to but some eat insects. These special plants are called carnivorous plants. They use special features to catch their food.

One example is the Venus Flytrapy. A Venus Flytrap has a big mouth that is always open until it catches its prey. Also, there are hairs in Venus Flytrap’s mouth that when something touches it the mouth closes in on its prey.

According to the College of Natural Resources, news Venus Flytraps are, “ native only to North and South Carolina.”

There is also another carnivorous plant called the Pitcher Plant. The Pitcher has a gigantic leaf shaped like a pitcher or a vase. Inside the leaf, there is a liquid that attracts bugs and when the bug goes in it gets trapped inside the pitcher.

In conclusion, plants can't eat humans.

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