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Cornelia Parker

By: Alina Fang

One of the most admired and well-known modern painters in Britain is Cornelia Parker. She is known for using explosives, steamrollers, and snake venom in her work. Parker reconfigures common items to explore how people relate to the outside world. She addresses pressing current topics, like violence, ecology, and human rights, via transformation, fun, and narrative. She the majority of her time working on the farm with her father and she would so spend her free time watching coins getting crashed on the railroad.

Due to all the influences when she was young, she loves creating arts that are all about destruction, resurrection, and reconfiguration. The explosive art Parker creates reflected that her childhood wasn’t perfect. Parker was born in 1956 in Cheshire, England. She lived in a smallholding with two sisters, a mother, and an abusive father.

The image on the right is one of Cornelia Parker’s most known art. Name Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, this art piece is about an exploded shed. It was put together to form a view of the middle of the destruction. The creation contained includes tools, kids' toys, things found at car boot sales, and Parker's possessions.

I really like this artwork because of her unique taste in art. Cornelia Parker is very good at using different materials to form a scene of explosion and destruction. The art she created is also 3D, which makes the audience a better and clear view of her craft.

This image is called the breathless. It was made of 54 brass band instruments, Accordion to Tate, created by “4 tubas, 2 euphoniums, 14 horns, 2 flugel horns, 8 trombones, and 24 cornets.”

The title, “Breathless” can be seen as a reference to Britain's rapidly vanishing brass band tradition. Along with the "final gasp" of the British Empire and the annihilation of colonialism. With regard to the first, Parker has said "yhe brass band is part of robustness we used to have ... Related to the unions, the British Legion, the Salvation Army - an anthem that is slowly winding down. So the instruments in my piece are permanently inhaled. They've literally had the wind taken out of them."

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