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Cookie Dough Ice Cream

By: Kathy Wu

Cookie dough ice cream,

The typical favorite treat.

Yet no one knows,

The secret of this delicious sweet.

What is the secret of cookie dough ice cream?

You may ask;

It’s the smallest lick of the creamy vanilla-bean ice cream,

That will allow you to fulfill any task.

But there’s more to it,

Such as the chunks of authentic cookie dough,

You may utter;

That explode into your mouth,

Satisfying the heartwarming flavor of nutty brown butter.

The extra crunch of the mini chocolate chips,

That slight bitterness cutting through the sweetness.

A fun addition,

The feeling of completeness.

Cookie dough ice cream,

An occasional treat.

But now that you know the secret,

You’ll feel lucky every time you eat.

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