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Controversy towards the Sisters

By: Hannah Zhang

The Los Angeles Dodgers are considered by many to be the best baseball team in MLB history, and they were recently involved in some controversy with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters are a group of queer and trans nuns, who participate in community service and fundraisers, along with other helpful activities for the disadvantaged.

Some people openly disagree with their group, some people support them, and some people are neutral about the whole ordeal.

The Sisters were recently invited to a Dodgers Pride Night. Long story short, after uninviting and reinviting the Sisters, the Dodgers were pulled into a big mess.

First, let’s look at the opinions against the Sisters.

The Sisters are “a hateful group that blatantly mocks Catholicism, to their event next month is deeply offensive,” says Senator Mike Pence on Twitter. The US Senator is hinting that the Dodgers inviting the Sisters to their Pride Night has insulted the Christian religion. He also stated that “America’s pastime should respect the faith of every American no matter what.”

Others have similar views as well. According to Andrea Piciotti-Bayer from the Human Events article ‘Why America Needs the Sisters of Life, not the 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence', “These transsexual ‘nuns’ exist for the sole purpose of ridiculing Catholic beliefs.” She, like Mr. Pence, believes that the Sisters are disrespecting Christianity.

Mr. Pence and Mrs. Piciotti-Bayer have very valid points about the beliefs of the people of the US. However, it may be difficult for people to decide on an opinion with only one side of the controversy visible.

Now, we can dive deeper into the responding side of the heated debate.

“I want to congratulate the Dodgers on their sincere apology to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,” says George Newberry, under the ‘To the Editor’ section in the article ‘Opinion: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence do great work. Some readers say they still cross a line.’ Mr. Newberry shows that he supports the Sisters’ attendance at the Dodgers’ Pride Night.

Another user who is on the Sisters’ side in the debate is Barbara H. Bergen, who stated that “I [she] am [is] glad that the Dodgers have redeemed themselves for the misguided shunning of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” Ms. Bergen appears to put her faith in the Sisters, and she believes that they fell victim to society.

It’s quite interesting how such a simple decision made by the Dodgers can lead to such different opinions.

After pieces from public opinion, it is possible for one to draw many different conclusions. Of course, the opinions alone may not be the entire picture, but they can probably open a window clear enough for one to make an unbiased judgment.

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