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Conspiracy Theorists on TikTok Claim to Uncover the truth about Titanic

By: Hannah Zhang

Imagine everything you have believed about the Titanic was a lie. What if it the entire thing was a meticulously planned accident to assassinate however many people were on board? You may have thought these theories had finally gone to rest. However, this is not the case. Now, new ideas are surfacing on Tik Tok once again.

Before now, historians have always disagreed about the smaller details and facts about the sinking of the Titanic. Despite those differences, they have always agreed on one thing: the Titanic sunk to the bottom of the ocean not even a week after it left the shores.

Conspiracy theories on Tik Tok suggest that the owners of the Titanic had swapped the ship with an older vessel, the Olympic. The video claiming this has garnered a whopping 92,000 likes, “clearly hitting a nerve,” states Yahoo News. Some users on Tik Tok have even made videos stating that the Titanic never even sank.

The ordeal has definitely shaken experts to the core, especially those who have been studying the Titanic for most of their lives. Charles Haas, one of these unfortunate experts, stated that “It becomes kind of deflating to see a lot of this junk coming out.”

Charles Haas has also told the New York Times that “The sad part is that many of the people following this sort of thing are teenagers, and they are woefully unwilling to do digging.”

According to Yahoo News, many amateur experts are “not just educating TikTok denizens on the facts, but are also busy debunking conspiracy theories like a game of wack-a-mole.”

This all goes to show that not everything on the Internet is true, especially on social media platforms where groundless theories often surface. It’s usually all up to the viewer whether they decide to believe them or not.

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