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By: AB G

Just admit it the faint voice in my head spoke. My heart was racing as my thoughts were spiraling around my horrid decisions, regretting my decisions. I could not admit what I did, not to everyone’s innocent eyes glittering in the audience. My palms began to sweat as I peeked through the gold-lined, red, elegant cloth of the curtains. My foot tapped the floor continuously. Butterflies filled my stomach, but I took a deep breath and finally stepped out onto the stage. Taking small steps, I walked to the podium, head hanging low, shoulders slumped, brushing my hands through my sandy blond hair. I held the paper firmly in my hand; I placed it on the stand, aligning it with the clipboard left from the assembly before.

Stuttering, I began my award speech. “H-Hello I am Kassidy Myers and I-I wanted to thank all of you guys for coming and s-supporting me through this p-process.” I felt so guilty, I had to confess; there would be many consequences although it would be for the best. Nervously I began to take deep, heavy breaths, almost loud enough for the audience to hear. “Getting this award, i-it just means so much for me, there is just something I need to tell everyone.” The audience gasped, frightening me even more. I have practiced for this, I am prepared I tell myself silently.

“Well as you guys know, I received a perfect score on the math challenge 12, but I-I-I ch-ch-challenged myself greatly,” oh no I just avoided it, what am I supposed to do, muttering in the audience made me feel like they knew. “Thank you, and good night,” I finished the awkward silence. Sprinting off the stage, I buried my head in my hands. Why am I so senseless? I had to go back, I must, slowly, I crept back onto the stage, and everyone groaned, tired of my unpleasing dialog. “I apologize for my actions, but I ch-cheated on the math challenge 12,” the audience began to get loud, and boos filled the crowd, I began to sob, wiping my tears, which were rolling down my face. “the thing is, I wanted to have this dominancy over anyone, but I was not capable of having it, so I cheated,” I managed to say.

“It’s an excuse, she is mental,” someone yelled. The crowd began to laugh, and my insides crumbled. Running off the stage I wept until an alarm rang. Waking up I felt so relieved, it was all a dream. I laid back down in my bed, looking at the ceiling, beginning to think about what happened, thoughts racing through my head, I cheated? I won the math challenge 12? My brain’s capacity was full.

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