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Conan Gray is deep in his feels

By: Sophia Wang

Rising pop artist Conan Gray composed his first song, “Those days” at 12. Now, he’s 23, and has come out with many hits, such as “Heather” and he’s recently released a new album titled “Superache”.

Gray was born in Lemongrove, California to a Japanese mother and white father. He moved towns a lot as a kid, and his family finally settled in Texas. When he was young, he saw a video of Adele singing in her bedroom. Inspired, he decided to start making videos and covers in his bedroom too. He used music to escape from his “brutal” experiences as being one of the only Asians at his school.

In 2017, he released “Idle Town”, a song about life in a small town and how he’s come to like it. It went viral, and Gray signed a deal with Republic Records.

Gray noted that the making of his new album wasn’t fun. Many of his songs talk about emotions and angst, diving deep into his emotions.

“My first album, it was a lot easier because I was just introducing myself — ‘Hi, my name is Conan, I’m 19 years old and I’ve had my heart broken one time,’” he said. “But then the second album was like, ‘Oh God, now I actually have to tell people who I really am.’”

“Part of what makes Conan is the way he’s connecting so directly to this entire generation of kids who grew up on the internet,” said Eddie Wintle, Conan Gray’s manager, “As long as he continues to do that, I feel that the sky’s the limit in terms of what he can achieve.”


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