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Conan Gray, a Pop Singer Who Feels Everything

By: Max Liu

Born in Lemon Grove, Calif., to a white father and a Japanese mother who split when he was 3, Conan Gray had to travel a lot. But even though he had a tough childhood, Gray’s songs are musically impressive. His first song ever recorded was “Those days”, in which he sings about the time when he was living in a Texas town called Rockdale. He created lots of different lyrics for the song and made sure that he was writing it correctly. “But I hope you really didn't mind the way I was those days, And some things, Some things always stay the same,” the lyrics read.

Now 23, Conan is a famous pop singer; fans find it remarkable that he felt so deeply. Over the span of 5 years, Gray built a massive audience across social media and sang to youngsters about his life and how far he’s come from his first song. According to TexasMonthly, “In his songs he’s (metaphorically) bleeding from a backstab, he’s going to wreck someone’s car, and he’s wishing his crush’s girlfriend were dead.” One of his most famous songs is “Heather” which talks about his jealousy of a woman who’s dating his crush.

“I think people are generally pretty dismissive of having big emotions, especially as a kid. But I’ve always been this way. I had a lot to get off my chest at twelve years old. Writing music was the most normal way for me to express it,” said Conan.

Gray’s songs don’t cajole your heartbreak, but it makes sure that there’s room for your pain and encourages you to scream, bellow, cry, or dance out the suffering. Conan Gray isn’t subtle. He doesn’t want to be. And that is why everyone loves his music.

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