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Updated: Jun 26

By: Benjamin He

I live in an apartment in Clovis. Every night, when I come home from work, dinner is already prepared.

I’ve moved to dozens of different apartments and hotels already, but whatever has been making dinner seems to be following me. Over the years I’ve gotten used to it and haven’t told anyone about it. I’ve decided to be single and have only a cat to keep me company.

Whatever the thing is, I know it will follow me from life to death.

But a question keeps tugging at the corners of my life: who is preparing the dinner? I’ve changed to different places just for that reason, to see if it will follow me. And it did. Every. Single. Time.

But one day, curiosity takes over and I decided to stay one day away from work. All-day I sneaked around my apartment door and pretended to be texting on the phone when people passed by. By afternoon I’m so bored that I wanted to leave the building. Suddenly, I hear a noise coming from inside my apartment.

I slowly peeked inside the little window next to my door and what I see amazes me- my cat was making dinner.

Who knew Mint would be capable of such wonders?

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