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Color’s Stop, Chapter 1

By Celina Yin

Lucky the Cat flounced around the park, her fur a bright yellow-orange. You see, Lucky’s fur changed depending on her mood. Everyone knew that. For happiness, she was yellow or orange, depending on how happy she was. If she was scared, she was purple or black. If she was sad, she would be blue, black, white or gray. If she was frustrated, she would be red or orange, and so on.

Then, one day, Lucky went to bed angry. When she woke up, she was nice and happy. She bounced around town, waving to everyone. But they looked at her, made an “uh-oh” face, and turned away. Lucky was puzzled, and then she looked at her fur. It was still red for anger! Lucky rushed to the potions shop with the master magician.

The master magician was the champion for the 2021 Google Doodle Olympics on Champion Island. She had calico fur and green eyes. “Ah, welcome my granddaughter.” The magician smiled at Lucky. Lucky was named after her. Lucky’s grandmother had cast a spell of eternal youth, so she looked like a normal young calico. “Lucky, are you mad?” The magician asked. “No,” Lucky said. “My fur is just that color today. But I’m not mad.” Lucky explained.

“Ohhh, I know what your problem is. You have the spell of color’s stop. The color that you fell asleep in is your color for the next day.” The wise magician said. “You can fix it by going to Mount Sysira, using jumper boots in the shop at the bottom of Mount Sysira to jump up and get a piece of the eternal mist cloud and put it in one of my potions and then drink approximately two thirds of it, and your problem will be fixed.” “Thank you.” Lucky said politely, bowed, and exited the room.

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