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Colombia’s Stunning Upset against Germany

By: Eric Guo

On Saturday night, Manuela Venegas scored the lead making the score 2-1 with an astonishing goal. This stunning upset in the World Cup was met with a loud roar after a header from a corner kick scored a goal. The sound of cheers increased as the marvels escalated from incredible goals to the national anthem.

The Australia Bureau of Census reports that “from the 2021 census that 35,033 Colombia-born humans reside in Australia, and it seemed every last one of them had ventured to Sydney Football Stadium to make a majority among the 40,499 who saw Colombia, ranked No. 25 in the world, ascend to six points in Group H.” A tremendous report showed that nearly every supporting member of Columbia from Australia came to see the win. The 6 points gained a lead against Germany and Morocco in the placements.

The game began with German control of the ball in the first half and early second. The ball came around to the players in the box as Caicedo gained possession of the ball.

Born in Candelaria, Valle del Cauca, Caicedo enrolled in a boys-only soccer academy and was singled out for her talent at age 5. Now as she plays professional soccer, she fields the ball to the left side, shot the ball straight through the traffic and scored through a tight shot with the right post. The hysteria of the shot made the stadium shake. The game was going smoothly for Columbia until the 88th minute, when Lena Oberdorf acquired the ball and put the pressure on Perez. Perez tripped Oberdorf and a foul ball went to Columbia. The shot slammed down the middle while Perez guessed and went left. The score tied, 1-1. A draw was the most probable result until Maya Ramirez made one last desperate charge. She failed and flopped down on the ground. The 6 added minutes were up, but a corner kick was allowed. As the kick was hit, the header made by Venegas won them the lead 2-1 and created an uproar of noise.

Columbia had won with an astonishing last move. The game was over, and the crowd cheered on.

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