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Colombia Beats Germany 2-1 and Advances in a Dramatic Upset

By: Jingwei Zhao

Colombia is a country mainly known for its tropical fruits and quality coffee, but on the 30th of July, its women’s soccer team impressed the world. They faced Germany in their last match of the group stages in the World Cup, and many spectators thought that Germany would destroy them. However, the Colombians held their own in the first half of the match, surprising many of the spectators. The second half of the match is when the Colombians started to put on pressure. One Colombian striker took a shot at the goal, but it was rebounded away by a defender into the path of forward Linda Caicedo.

She moved the ball quickly to her left and back to her right again, slightly juking Svenja Huth. The other defender on her, Sara Dabritz, did not even try to steal the ball, as she watched Caicedo send the ball flying towards the right post and into the net, causing complete chaos among the fans. Despite Germany dominating most of the goalless first half in terms of possession, this quick counterattack from the Colombians left the crowd erupting with cheers.

Growing up in the town of Candelaria, Caicedo had to battle cancer. According to an article by The Washington Post, Caicedo’s goal that night proved how the world “continues to fashion little girls who grow up to cause big sounds.”

However, the Germans were delivered a penalty in the 87th minute when the Colombian goalkeeper panicked and dragged down an attacker with a clear shot at the goal inside the penalty box. As German captain Alexandra Popp stepped up to take the shot, you could hear the crowds bursting. When her foot finally contacted the ball, she shot it right into the bottom center of the goal, sending it into the back of the net. It appeared that the Germans were back in the game with the opportunity to make it past the group stages—but not for long.

With seven minutes of extra time, both teams looked dead even. However, the Colombians managed a corner kick in what appeared to be the last few seconds of the match. The corner sent the ball over the German defenders’ heads and onto Manuela Vanegas, who headed the ball into the back of the net. The already energetic crowd went wild, and 44 minutes after Caicedo’s incredible goal, the Colombian women’s team prevailed. This has put Colombia and Morocco into the knockout stages, leaving Germany and South Korea behind.

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