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Cloud-9: The Meet Up

By: Felicia Chen

Joash saw nothing but endless water and skies. “I have been traveling for miles and days on end. When will I ever find the others?” he cried out in hopelessness.

“Maybe if I just stand here and hope, they will be able to find me in the next ten minutes. Ugh, but it would take a miracle to make that happen!” Joash mourned as he sighed and dipped his head.

When he raised his head again, the Ruler of Fire suddenly saw three figures up ahead. Joash was in disbelief at what he saw. “You have got to be kidding me!” He ran towards them as fast as he could, faster than his legs could handle with fire billowing out behind him.

As Joash approached the three, he quickly asked, “You guys are THE Rulers, right?” Please tell me you guys are.

“Uh, yes,” replied Anahita. “And who might you be?”

“REALLY! Finally! YES!” Joash screamed and jumped in excitement, then quickly composed himself to appear the gentleman he imagined a Ruler ought to be. “Apologies. I am Joash, Ruler of Fire. You guys must be the Rulers Mother told me to look for.”

The other Rulers looked at each other, and Anahita and Ouranos gave Ajax “the look,” prompting him to do his thing. “Cool, buddy. I’m going to do something to you, but you have to keep your eyes nice and big. I’m just going to look through them for a sec. Nothing dangerous or strange.”

“Okay? Wait, but first, who are y—?” before Joash could finish his sentence, Ajax already was working his magic on his new brother.

“Nope, nothing,” Ajax told his sisters. Joash lost his balance and raised his hands to his face in confusion.

“Whoa-ho. What was that?” Joash said as he swayed back and forth.

Ajax told him, “Sorry about that, bro. We just wanted to see if you know what Mother looks like, but you don’t know, either. None of us does. Let me introduce myself. I am Ajax, Ruler of Earth. This here is Anahita, Ruler of Water, and the other sister we have here is Ouranos, Ruler of Air.”

“We good with introductions, yet?” asked Ouranos. “I want to finish this mission ASAP, if you guys know what I mean.”

Anahita smiled warmly. “Yeah, sure. Let’s do that. Nice to meet ya, Joash. Welcome to the family, and welcome aboard our, um, ruling team.”

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