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Cloud-9: Fire in the Hole

By: Felicia Chen

The three rulers set off on their adventure. As they advanced, their three elements grew stronger. Ajax had a trail of earth, sand, and rocks following behind him; Anahita had a huge stream of water that used its force to push her; Ouranos had a blustery windstorm at her back, flying her along in the direction she wanted to travel.

They had been moving for miles on end, and all they seemed to see were the endless waters and skies below and above the horizon.

“If you guys notice anything in particular, just scream,” Ajax told the girls in a serious tone, “I want to finish this mission pronto.”

Anahita quickly replied, “How about this: we split up? Perhaps an egg will randomly appear in one of our domains like when I found Ajax at the bottom of the sea. Since we’re all kinda-sorta familiar with our own domains, we each have an advantage there.”

“Yeah! I like the sound of that, my dude,” Ajax agreed. “Let’s go.”

“Woohoo, that’s what I’m talking about; divide and conquer is the way!” cried Ouranos before she flew off into the clouds.

Ajax retraced his steps on the dirt trail he had created, and, from afar, he noticed a small hole in the path that hadn’t been there before. He cautiously walked towards it and howled, “HELLO? ANYBODY THERE?” He waited a minute or two for a response, but there was none. Ajax continued down his earthen trail. Then he felt something shaking the ground—hard! He looked back over his shoulder, skeptical whether the tiny ditch could contain an egg. Ajax went back anyway. The closer he got to the little hole, the harder it was to walk on the shifting ground. He undoubtedly believed he had found one!


Ouranos and Anahita both rushed to Ajax’s side, and both said, “What? Spill!”

“Well, as you can see, there’s a hole here,” he said as he pointed down to the small pit in the ground. “That means something, right? I didn’t see this hole earlier when this, like, dirt pathway formed behind me.”

Anahita put her face closer to the miniature crater and saw light sparkling from the hole.

“DIG!” she ordered her siblings. “Let’s find out what this thing is!”

“Don’t worry, sis. I got us covered.” Ajax replied comically. His fists transformed into solid, curved cup-like shapes and he initiated a “digging-up-potential-egg-discovery” operation. As soon as Ajax struck something hard, he ceased. “Uh, it’s cool if I hit it, right? Because I might’ve cracked it just a little bit.”

Ajax was looking at Anahita as he spoke, but before she could answer, the ground started jiggling violently. Soon enough, an object popped out of the hole; it had a shimmering red outer shell. The three Rulers patiently stood by, expecting that the egg would hatch just as their own eggs had done. After hovering in air for a moment, with no warning, the red egg suddenly zoomed past them at lightning speed and disappeared.

“What in the world? Weird. Was that supposed to happen, you guys?” Ajax questioned his sisters.

Ouranos answered confusedly, “Theoretically, no; assuming the others hatch the way you did, Ajax. At least now we know we were wrong. But anyway, how much longer are we going to stand here and chitchat? We’ve got an egg to chase!”

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