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By: Felicia Chen

Four years later….

The world that it once was is unrecognizable to the eye: In the oceans, millions of islands—large and small with varieties of plants and trees flourishing in the soil —have formed. Creatures of an infinite number of species have adapted to various environments on the ground. Constant fires destroy forests to create new ecosystems while also regulating the heat on the planet. Vast saltwater oceans surround the whole world, which is key to the whole world’s survival. Only the air above does not seem to be participating much in the continuous changes below. It is just there to look at, it seems.

From above, Ouranos watches her siblings running back and forth, busy with their “ruling shenanigans.” She flies aimlessly wherever and whenever, making use of her huge, newly-grown, glittering wings. When she feels tired, she finds a colossal comfy cloud and perches on it as she sinks into her pensive thoughts. I wish I could do more with my life. I am a Ruler, aren’t I? Then why is there nothing going on up here? What’s the point of these wings if I only use them to fly around in circles?

An epiphany hit Ouranos. Since I am a Ruler, I can make my world, can’t I? Maybe these wings are not meant only for transportation. Perhaps they symbolize my rightful throne in the world I am about to make.

First things first, I must gather enough power for my plan to work. Her arms flowed in circular gestures as Ouranos controlled the winds and the clouds’ movements. I have no idea what I am doing, but it seems to me that this is sorta working. With all the clouds gathered into one huge clump in the clear, blue sky, Ouranos wept two teardrops of joy from her gray eyes and dabbed a tear on each of her wingtips. She flew to the center of the gathered clouds, and a mighty KABOOM! occurred.

An exquisite rainbow encircled the clouds and soon dominated the whole sky. The other three Rulers looked up in reaction to the sound and the colors.

“What on EARTH!” exclaimed Ajax.

They all ran towards the deafening explosion, anxious about why such a catastrophic and boisterous resonance had come to disturb their peaceful planet.

Anahita was the first to arrive as she screamed, “Ouranos! You good up there?”

No response.

“How do we get up there?” asked Joash. “None of us can reach the sky anymore. We’re stuck on the ground.”

Anahita told her brothers, “This might be a perfect time for us to call Mother.”

“Is that even possible, dude? We’ve tried for the past four years, but she never answers,” Ajax said.

Anahita argued, “Well, can you guys think of a better idea? Plus, this feels different, doesn’t it?”

The brothers looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement. “Fine. Let’s give it a go then,” Joash sighed.

The three siblings began chanting words to a spell. Colorful, dense mists began encircling them; with every line, greater power was generated. Soon enough, the energy traveled upwards in Ouranos’s direction and into the clouds, churning out an eruption of glaringly bright, billowing cumulus clouds.

Before the siblings realized it, Cloud-9 was born.

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