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Climbing a Tree

By: Chloe Wu

I crouch under the tree, ready to pounce,

I don’t feel scared, not even an ounce,

I eye my surroundings and then…

I bounce!

Only the middle of the trunk! So shameful.

I curse myself, feeling disgraceful.

But I still crawl up, inch by inch,

And then I feel like a perfect angel.

I’m at the top! Hooray! Hooray!

It’s time to shout, “Oh, good Lord of day!”

But little do I notice, the tree branch is weak,

And down down down I plummet into soft hay.

All that for nothing! Nothing at all!

Everything is wasted, even my fall.

But can I give up? No way! No way!

I must go again, so up I crawl.

I go carefully this time, with the greatest care.

I make sure the branches are sturdy, grippy, not bare.

And slowly, slowly, I reach for the top,

“Hard work is the best!” I declare.

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