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Climate Education May Save the World

By: Isabella Wong

Climate change has been a worldwide issue for years. As a result, humanity is harmed by air pollution, abnormal weather activities, and the inability to access food. This includes the melting polar ice caps in the Arctic, where penguins live.

Penguins usually live on the ice caps, but if the ice caps melt, they will be surrounded by nothing but the cold, orca-infested waters, where they most likely would not live.

People are constantly working to come up with ways to save the penguins, including five to seven-year-old students attending Slackwood Elementary School. As young students explore different subjects of climates and different organisms, they are working to find solutions to different problems around the globe.

“Maybe they could migrate to another cold place, like the United States in winter?” Noah, a seven year old, suggested the penguins' situation. Another student, Gabbi even suggested that they lived in her fridge.

Many parents were pleased with the outcome of the climate education lessons for their children. One parent explained how the lessons helped the students learn to respect the environment and how “if they’re being more respectful to the environment, they’ll be good human beings.”

Climate education could be some help in finding solutions to climate issues, but that does not mean that it’s the only way. If enough people put enough thought into it, the possibilities are endless!

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