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Climate Change Negatively Affects Sports Like Cricket

By: Vincent Wang

Climate change has been extremely impactful on our everyday lives, and now, cricket is getting involved.

Climate change is caused by a variety of different reasons, however, all of them tie back to humans. The effects it leaves behind impacts, not only wildlife and the sea, but also outdoor sports too. With temperatures soaring, and rainfall chances and severity increasing, many are questioning cricket’s ability to stay on.

Cricket matches can last for days on end, with several hours being played each day. Due to the similarities in pitching and batting of baseball, cricket can quickly become a dangerous game as the ball becomes near impossible for bowlers to grip, and it’s highly dangerous to field on a slippery field.

The heat has reached such extremities that players have been offered regular drink breaks accompanied by wet towels, ice packs, parasols, and even ice vests in their attempt to stay cool. Oftentimes when it rains, there is a chance that the whole game will be canceled and rescheduled.

Not only are players affected, but spectators also have to work to combat the sweltering heat. Some have transformed entire parts of the stadium into a cooling zone complete with curtains, chairs and misting fans attached to plastic tubs of water.

As climate change gets worse with little to no sign of it improving, soon, sports like skiing, marathons, and other outdoor sports may be affected in a very similar way to cricket.

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