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Climate Change Causes Nearly Impossible Phenomena

By: Rhea Agrawal

Dear Editor, The amount of greenhouse gasses being released has significantly increased in the past few decades with the increase in production, many of which are to make human life easier, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and burning fossil fuels speeds up the natural climate progression at an abnormal rate. Climate change has caused many disasters such as the Australia Bush Fires, Coral Bleaching, Melting Ice Caps, Ever-Rising Water Levels, etc. However, it has set a record for global warming; Siberia typically has long harsh winters and mild summers, but in Verkhoyansk, there was a single day spike of 100.4 degrees, which is the hottest record north of the Arctic Circle. With the increase in temperature, Siberia’s beautiful forests burned, releasing enormous amounts of greenhouse gases into the air, and the permafrost is slowly melting. Scientists explain that this should have been nearly impossible naturally, but climate change is speeding up the clock of nature and causing natural phenomena to occur more frequently. If we don’t resort to more green and clean ways to live our life, the natural process will have no chance of going back to normal and there is no telling of what would happen next, except for doom and destruction. Climate change is highly disregarded compared to other issues, but it is important to spread the word and make sure everyone knows what the consequences could be. Rhea Agrawal

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