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Claudia Sheinbaum is the front lead of the race

By: Connie Cao

The race started in Mexico City with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Claudia Sheinbaum. He was outgoing and folksy; she was distant and arrogant. By the end of the race, Sheinbaum beat Obrador because of her unique history.

As a high schooler, Sheibaum frequently participated in protests against excluding poor students from students with higher education. While at university, she contributed to a movement to raise fees for these students at the public institution.

Her parents were also active in many movements and protests. They participated in the signature Mexican student movement of 1968. Also known as the Tlatelolco massacre, this movement raised awareness of the many protestors that died in the Mexican massacre.

In our society, women worldwide face inequality and imbalance, but Sheinbaum doesn’t let that stop her from sharing her courageous message. She shares her victory as a win for “feminism.” She told thousands of her supporters she would run for president and complete their history.

“Mexico is no longer written with the M of machismo,” she said, “But rather M for mother, for mujer” — woman.

Although this may seem a complete act of heroism, many don’t agree.

“Claudia is not questioned for being a woman, but rather for mimicking a man and transforming herself to please AMLO,” Denise Dresser pointed out. “Nothing is more contrary to the agenda of autonomy/feminine empowerment that marks a new generation of women.”

This, however, didn’t stop Sheinbaum. She is dedicated to her work and always considers what the citizens want most. That’s what makes her seemingly likable.

“I am of the left,” Sheinbaum said in a brief interview with The Times. “The right thinks that the market will resolve all problems and that the state has no responsibility. We think the state is responsible for providing education, healthcare, housing and generating better conditions of life.”

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