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City of Silver

By: Rachel Liao

“I’ve heard about the City of Gold in King Midas’s Greek myth, but I’ve never heard of the City of Silver before! Where did you even get this idea from, Miles?” laughed Lisa and her friends.

“You don’t believe me?” Miles questioned. He tapped the guide’s shoulder, who was quietly walking across the stream of the flowing golden path. “If you don’t mind us asking, where are we going?”

“We’re heading to the City of Silver, where the economy thrives, and there exist riches that you can’t find anywhere else,” he said bluntly. “Also, my name is Sam.”

Lisa and their friends were shocked, and Miles was delighted to have been correct. Suddenly, Sarine jumped out from the crowd. She was known to be the rich girl in school, and everybody stared.

“Really? Yay! This means more money for my family, right?!”

Sam ignored her, and laughter followed.

Puffing her cheeks, Sarine turned and disappeared back into the group of people. All Miles could hear were screams and shouts, and the gentle sounds of everyone’s feet on the path they were taking. Then, he heard a loud whistle, which caught everybody’s attention.

“So, are you whistling because we’re here?” shouted a boy.

“Absolutely, after you arrive, be sure to be as elegant as possible. You’re already privileged to be here,” said Sam.

Everybody nodded their heads.

As soon as everybody stepped onto the first silver platform, 1/3 of the group decided to go to the nearest bench and take a break. 1/3 of the group chose to vanish into the distance, which wasn’t really a good idea.

“Foolish children,” Sam mumbled.

“I can actually agree, despite being a child myself,” Miles responded.

“You’re actually quite mature for your age, I’m quite impressed.”

“Thank you.”

They both smiled, and the rest of the group, consisting of Sam, Miles, Lisa, Sarine, and others, decided to walk into the city. Around them, they could see people dressed in silver robes, silver dresses, and everything was sparkling. After a few minutes, Sarine ran away with other friends, and Sam said that he had to deal with other business, and vanished.

“Wow does everything vanish here in a few minutes or what?” asked Lisa.

“Maybe, maybe not. I guess we’re the only two left,” responded Miles.

“I guess so, want to keep looking around?”

“You know it!”

They felt eyes on them as they walked around. They were the only two people from Earth roaming this elegant city with casual clothing, casual hair, and casual faces. The contrasting differences made them marvel at each other, especially for Miles and Lisa, who have never seen such beauty.

Then, they stopped at the Town Hall, and they entered. Sitting before them was the King, who politely waved at them.

“What brings you here?” boomed the voice of the King.

“I guess this is the beginning of a never-ending story,” Lisa whispered.

“We’ll have to get used to this someday.”

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