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Christiano Ronaldo sets Another Record for Playing his 200th game for Portugal

By: Puter Kang

Ronaldo, one of the most gifted players in football history, has just finished his 200th game for his homeland Portugal, setting two new records. No other male footballer has ever played in 200 internationals or more games for their country.

Before the whistle of the game, Guinness World Record presented him as the record breaker.

Being in great form, he also scored the winning goal for Portugal, helping them beat Iceland by one.

After the game, Ronaldo shared: “It’s the kind of moment you never expect, to reach 200 caps. For me it’s an unbelievable achievement.”.

“To be in the Guinness World Records is amazing and to score the winning goal is even more special.” Ronaldo claims.

Ronaldo scored his first goal for Portugal at the 2004 UEFA Euro Competition. After that, he became famous for his fabulous shooting.

Being exposed to some top European clubs has helped Ronaldo succeed hugely. He used to play for Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Juventus.

He set the record for most goals scored by an individual at the English Premier league with Manchester United, scoring a total of 31 goals.

After arriving at Italy, he once again refreshed his own record and scored a humiliating total amount of 37 goals together with his supportive Juventus teammates.

He also remains to be the top scorer for Real Madrid, scoring a crazy 450 club goals in total!

Currently, considering his age, Ronaldo is prepaing to retire and he might finish off his exciting career at Saudi-Arabian club Al-Nassr. His transfer fee of 177 million euros makes him one of the most paid players in football history.

One might ask: How about his international career? He was the first one that achieved 10 hat-tricks in international games. A hat trick means scoring 3 goals in the same game.

He even set the mind-blowing record of being the first player that played and scored in 5 world cups!

Even more, his 123 goals for Portugal form another men’s world record to be broken.

Ronaldo really is one of the football players with the most record held.

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