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By: Allison Xu

Aubrey spent most of the morning moping. She had to mop the entire mansion before she was even allowed to eat breakfast. It wasn’t until late afternoon when she would be done with her chores, however her mother gave her more chores! There was a different story with her twin sister Jessica.

Jessica had all the money she needed to have a 13 year old’s most pleasurable and acceptable day. She would ride the limo with Charles, their butler, after breakfast and go shopping with her friends. Afterwards, she would have an expensive lunch, watch a movie in the movie theater, would go to the arcade and get as many tokens as she wanted. Then, for dinner, she had steak and mashed potatoes for dinner that cost around $200.

When Jessica got home, Aubrey let out a huge sigh and went back to watering the plants.

“Hi Aubrey, or should I say maid?” Jessica said mockingly, dropping down shopping bags.

“I suggest you go to your room, I’ve spent all day mopping floors.” Aubrey said.

“Just do your own thing; I’m getting ready for the pageant tomorrow.” Jessica said.

“I honestly don’t care. Plus, what’s the point of getting ready for a pageant that happens 24 hours later?” Aubrey said.

“Well, someone like you wouldn’t know. Oh, also, I think you missed a spot.” Jessica said, pointing to

a corner. Then, she laughed, and her high heels clicked as she walked up the stairs.

“Ugh, a brat like her would probably be wasting her life on something unimportant.” Aubrey said, rolling her eyes. She then went back to watering the plants. Then, she heard her mother coming up the stairs.

“Did you finish all the chores I left?” Aubrey’s mom asked.

“Yes mom, I did. Or else I would be packing my bags to go the shed tonight.” Aubrey said.

“Bingo! Did you scrub the toilet floors with a toothbrush?” Aubrey’s mom said.

“Yes…wait, a toothbrush? I thought you said a sponge!” Aubrey said.

“Nope, I said with a toothbrush. Pack your bags; you’re going to the shed to sleep with the rats tonight.” Aubrey’s mom said.

“Fine by me, just don’t expect me to make dinner now.” Aubrey said. With that said Aubrey skipped down the stairs and left her mom scowling.

On that chilly breezy night, Aubrey was walking on the sidewalk, preparing to go to Mrs. Fran’s house. She usually went there to sleep when she was supposed to go to the shed. Her mom never checked anyways.

She rang the doorbell, and Mrs. Fran’s came out.

“Oh darling, how are you doing tonight? You got kicked out again?” Mrs. Frans said.

“You guessed right. Can I sleep here tonight?” Aubrey said.

“Of course you can! I made chocolate chip cookies, go have some before you sleep.” Mrs. Frans said with a delightful smile.

“Thanks Mrs. Frans!” Aubrey said. She took off her shoes and beelined to the kitchen.

“Aubrey?” Mrs. Frans said.

“Yes Mrs. Frans?” Aubrey replied.

“Who’s your mother?” Mrs. Frans asked.

“Um, she lives in that big mansion on Ann Onox Street.” Aubrey said.

“Would you like to live here? I feel like you would like that, and I’m quite lonely in the house, well, except with Chester.” Mrs. Frans said, looking towards the sleeping, chubby cat on her sofa.

“I would love to!” Aubrey said. With that said Aubrey lived in Mrs. Frans house and never had to do chores again.

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