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By: Bowie Zeng

I have a wish for sensible pleasures such as keeping pets! Whether it’s cats, dogs, or rabbits, I love them all. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to owning a pet. Keeping a pet teaches me how to take care of others. The downside is all the energy and time that pets require.

Also, pets’ fur and feces are difficult to clean up, and my dad was very reluctant to let me keep a pet. Yet, six years ago, my dad suddenly changed his mind and allowed me to raise a dog. Having made this decision, my father immediately took me to the pet shop and we bought a furry Teddy dog. Throughout the process, I felt like I was dreaming.

We named our Teddy dog Chocolate. His ears flop over and his triangular nose is always watery, like lightly-sprinkling rainwater. Chocolate’s eyes are like two big, black grapes. Why did we name him Chocolate? Because the fur on his whole body is brown like chocolate.

Chocolate has two pairs of small, short legs. Don't underestimate his short legs, though. The dog runs like a lightning bolt, flying away before your eyes. When he is happy, Chocolate treats his human family very intimately. He will lick your calves, pounce on your legs, grab your shoes with his feet, or jump on your body as you lie on a chair and look up at the sky. He will even scream a few times, as if he is singing to you. If I deliberately ignore this, he will make a "squeaky" voice, then "Woof! Woof! Woof!" yells. If he is not happy, no matter how sweetly you treat him, he will not make a sound, or sometimes, he will yell angrily at you.

He is also very smug and vain. His favorite friend is the puppy is the mirror. In the morning, the first thing he does is to comb his fur while watching himself in the mirror of my wardrobe.

Today, he skillfully jumped onto a stool and flattened his own head hair with his small claws. When he feels satisfied with his appearance, he will shake his tail, find me, let me clip on his leash, and also allow me to dress him in his miniature clothes. Then, joyfully he runs away, leaving only a strong smell of dog behind him.

I love Chocolate very much; this is my sixth year with my dog. In human years, Chocolate is 42 years old. Right now I’m not living with him, and I miss him every day.

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