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Chile’s Rugby Team Beats the United States for the First Time

By: Keira Gong

For Rugby World Cup qualification rounds, Chile won against the United States for the first time. The leading point was made by Santiago Videla and was kept until the victory on the 16th.

Before the U.S had won, it was a tight match, but Chile won and now is headed to the World Cup. Along with Chile going there, England, Argentina, Japan, and Samoa will be participating in the World Cup as well. This is actually the US’s first time not making it to the World Cup.

Joe Taufete’e’s tried to help the US in the 48th minute, but after that final point Chile started backing up their game. In an article from BBC, it says, “Bristol Bears fly-half AJ MacGinty extended the US lead with a penalty in the 58th minute but Matias Dittus went over for Chile seven minutes later and a Videla conversion brought the visitors back to just a point behind at 29-28.”

After that amazing win for Chile, the captain of the team said. "It really means so much... the sacrifices that this team has done. There were times when it seemed like it was uphill." This tight round was given to Chile after that breathtaking win.

This was a moment to be proud of for Chile because again, this was the first time they ever won before in the qualify rounds.

Link: Rugby World Cup _ Chile beat United States 31-29 to qualify for first time - BBC Sport.pdf

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