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Chile Qualifies for Rugby World Cup for the First Time

By: Derek Chang

Chile has qualified for the Rugby World Cup for the first time in history. In Colorado, Chile beat the United States 31-29 by just one point on aggregate.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, “on aggregate” means “With the scores of a series of matches added together”. Their example sentence is “Our team won the same number of matches, but their team scored more goals so they won on aggregate.”

The 2023 World Cup will be held in France.

Chile has been put into Pool D for the 2023 World Cup. Other countries that got put in Pool D include England, Argentina, Japan, Samoa.

The United States would have been disqualified for the tournament if they didn’t win last week’s first leg 22-21. The United States still has a chance of not qualifying for the World Cup if they don’t win the final qualification tournament late this year.

Interestingly, unlike Chile, the United States only failed to qualify for the Rugby World Cup once. Since the US can drop out of the Rugby World Cup if they don’t win the final qualification tournament, this could be the second time in history that the United States don’t qualify for the tournament.

In the final qualification tournament, the United States will be facing three countries, most of which have not been exactly determined yet. They will be facing the third-placing team from the Rugby Europe Championship, the loser of the Asia/Pacific playoff and the Rugby Africa Cup runners-up.

Things really took an unexpected turn of events for Chile. As the Chile coach stated, “It really means so much… the sacrifices that this team has done. There were times when it seemed like it was uphill.”


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