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Chile Qualified for the Rugby World Cup for the First Time Ever

By: Weston Ma

For the first time, Chile has qualified for the Rugby World Cup after beating the US in Colorado in a close game. The final score was 31-29. The score was 26-14 before Chile made its comeback. Six minutes before the game ended, it was Santiago Videla’s Penalty kick that secured the victory. The United States won the first game, which was held in Santiago, the capital of Chile. It was also a close match, and it finished with a final score of 22-21.

The US has only failed to qualify one time. They still have a chance to go to France in 2023 because of a final qualification round later in the year.

In the 48th minute, the US scored, making it 26-14. In the 51st minute, Santiago Videla scored and brought the score to 26-21. The US extended their lead in the 58th minute, but then Matius Dittus of Chile scored just seven minutes later, and Santiago’s conversion made the score 29-28. Santiago’s penalty in the 75th minute put Chile over, and it initiated celebrations. The aggregate, the score of both legs combined, was 52-51, with Chile up.

"It really means so much... the sacrifices that this team has done. There were times when it seemed like it was uphill," Chile captain Martin Sigren said. He added, "I want to thank all the family who came here. They were the ones who kept us pushing."

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