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Chile Beats USA in Rugby and Will Go to the World Cup

By: Yi Qi

Chile’s rugby team made it to the world cup by beating USA 52 to 51. This was the first time they have ever qualified for the event. "It really means so much... the sacrifices that this team has done. There were times when it seemed like it was uphill," Chile captain Martin Sigren said. "I want to thank all the family who came here. They were the ones who kept us pushing."

The USA also put up a good fight thanks to Joe Taufete'e's effort. He put the US on top 24 – 16 in the first part of the game. But Chile’s players were still able to get their heads back in the game and a 75th-minute penalty from Santiago Videla meant Chile won that part 31-29, which led to their eventual success. Their win caused a very large celebration for Chile.

Since Chile won the match, they qualified to play in the Rugby World Cup in France along with Argentina, England, Samoa, and Japan in pool D. The US only failed once to qualify, but they can still go to France if they do a final qualification tournament.

Urroz from Chile had an attempt to throw the ball long but there were no penalty. Two kicks then went directly into touch from USA good halfbacks Mac Ginty and Nate Augspurger. A scrum went to Chile and for the first time they took the lead with Dittus in the Eagles front row. Videla stepped up and went to take the penalty goal to put Chile head in the score board.

The USA did not have their best performance chance. “It was as gritty a performance as one could expect out there," US coach Gary Gold said. "Conditions were visibly on another level, but I am unbelievably pleased with the effort our guys put out there.”

The USA put on a good show, but Chile won this time. You never know what might happen in the Cup. They might lose in the first round. They might win the championships. All they can secure is their efforts.



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