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Children’s Book Series Meme Becomes a Viral Comical Trend

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

By: Sarah Zhong

The characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss series have become a viral sensation. People have used different titles to be spinoffs of the actual series. As the official series has a title like “Little Miss Jealous,” the media has a meme like “Little Miss at My [Expletive] Breaking Point.”

Giorgio Angelini, the filmmaker who tracked the arc of Pepe the Frog comic meme in a documentary, said about the meme, “She’s no longer just grumpy. She’s reeling from anxiety and depression because the world is warming, democracies are crumbling, and those in power seem to be more Mr. Greedy than Mr. Actionably Concerned.”

Roger Hargreaves, a British author and illustrator, launched his Mr. Men series in 1971 after his eldest son Adam asked what a tickle looked like. “Mr. Tickle,” the resulting creation, was the first character in the franchise of bright Mr. Men characters. The site sold a million copies in three years.

The books–in which readers see how a main character’s personality trait affects their life–were the focus of comics, songs, and BBC adaptations. Then, Hargreaves began publishing his spinoff Little Miss books. Adam Hargreaves has supervised the series since his father’s death in 1988, adding many more characters like “Mr. Calm” and celebrity inspiration like “Little Miss Spice Girls.”

“Juulpuppy” is a user who began posting art updates like “Little Miss Weed Psychosis” last spring, with Hargreaves’s characters under the titles.

“A lot of the memes I was making were pretty dark, and I wanted to make a relatable meme that didn’t take itself too seriously,” said “Juulpuppy.” “Visual comedy takes advantage of unexpected pairings, and I love to lean into that with all the memes I make. This trend is so infectious because the pairings are so ridiculous and relate to so many people. Any caption can be applied to a Little Miss image, so no one has to feel like the odd one out from this trend.”

“We get to see cute imaginary versions of ourselves and laugh together at the messy nature of our flawed personalities, which I think is very genuine and sweet.”

This children’s book series has become a very popular meme, but it is also a way to bring everyone together and laugh. The Mr. Men and Little Miss franchises have sparked a lot of creative media and are a warmhearted series for sure.

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