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Child Prodigy

By: Jason Li

Yes, I would like to be a child prodigy in athletics. I always thought about what my life would be like if I were amazing at snowboarding. I could out-compete my friends, and get sponsorship deals easily! I could be sponsored by Burton, a snowboard gear company. It would be nice if I also got a mountain range sponsor but I don’t need it. It would be hard to keep up, but I think I would manage. Of course, there is the problem of everybody having high expectations, but that wouldn’t be too hard an issue, as top snowboarders go out in public and get ignored all the time, so a few brief answers now and then should be sufficient. I would mostly ride in the halfpipe and a normal non-training run would be something like drop into my backside wall, straight air, frontside 720, switch frontside 720, frontside 900, backside 900. I think being a child prodigy would help me a lot!

Also, if I were to attend a college class, it would be coding in JavaScript so that I can code mods and stuff for my favorite game Minecraft!

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