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Chess Champion Gives Up Title, but Finding a Replacement Will be Hard

By: Keira Gong

On the 20th, chess fanatic Magnus Carlsen decided to give up his crown for someone at next year’s match which is the world championships. Most people think that Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia or Ding Liren of China will be champion or will be close because they were the runner ups from last year.

In a New York Times article is says, “Arkady Dvorkovich, the president of the International Chess Federation, the game’s governing body, acknowledged as much on Wednesday after Carlsen announced his decision to surrender the championship he has won five times. ‘His decision not to defend the title is undoubtedly a disappointment for the fans and bad news for the spectacle,’ Dvorkovich said in a statement released by the federation, which organized the world championship match. ‘It leaves a big void.’”

Fans and people who organized the match were saddened because there would be not that much of competition and with him out of the match people would also not really want to watch it.

Carlsen was not the first one to do this, in fact it is the same case with Bobby Fischer in 1975.

When Bobby was supposed to compete with Boris Spakassy in 1972, Fischer had to quit because of the cold war that was going on and made him also leave his crown. It explains more of it in the same article, “[a]t the time, Fischer was in protracted negotiations with the federation, but when they could not come to an agreement, he chose to quit rather than play — despite entreaties from many people, including politicians, and the offer of millions of dollars for the prize fund.”

Sadly, many people choose to quit but we can’t really do anything about it. Hopefully Carlsen will come back for next year’s tournament.

Link To Sources Used in Article: Magnus Carlsen Is Giving Up His World Title. Replacing Him Won’t Be Easy. - The New York Times . pdf

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