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Cheating Allegations Against Monty Lopez

By: Alisa Wei

Videos have sparked a media firestorm surrounding the family of 21-year-old Addison Rae, one of the biggest stars on TikTok with more than 88 million followers. Videos show Monty Lopez, 46, Rae's father, flirting with young women over FaceTime and touching one woman’s backside at a bar.

Since then, the family’s every move has been closely watched and scrutinized, including Rae and her mom, Sheri Easterling, 42, both unfollowing Lopez on Instagram. This has led to much speculation, including claims of infidelity. Easterling has changed her instagram bio to “single mom” and released a statement saying “I will be okay. My biggest concern is -and always will be- my children and their fragile hearts and minds.”

Rae’s family is a part of a new generation of influencers with many parents capitalizing on their children’s success. Lopez wished to build on his daughter’s fame and even created an agency to represent TikTok stars, comparing himself to Kris Jenner, who managed her children’s business and media deals.

Three people close to Lopez said to NBC news he was not responsible for Rae’s negotiations and deals but wanted to take advantage of her success

“He just kind of went off the rails and fame got to him,” one person in Lopez’s professional network said.

When Rae first rose to fame in 2019, her family moved to Los Angeles and Rae dropped out of her freshman year at Louisiana State University. Her family accompanied her in her Youtube channel and TikTok videos, even starring in a reality show “Addison Rae Goes Home.” This kind of reach in social media can produce millions of dollars in sponsorships and ad revenue. It was estimated Rae made 8.5 million dollars on TikTok alone.

As Rae’s fame grew, she started expanding into movies, music, and modeling. Rae’s mother has a Spotify-produced podcast with her daughter, and both parents were signed to WME’s digital talent agency alongside Rae in 2020.

On screen Lopez appeared to be a faithful and supportive husband, making couple dances and complimenting Easterling in posts. Lopez and Easterling tagged each other in their bios saying “husband” and “wife” but removed these posts in early July.

Young women on social media have posted about Lopez's advances. Renée Ash said he misled her with his intentions to involve her in his professional business or be his long-term partner.

Ash says she broke up with Lopez after dating for 5 months, sharing over 150 text screenshots with NBC news promising long term commitment and money and fame tied with Rae's success.

“He would be telling me how we’re going to have a family, the second his divorce is finalized we’re going to be at the altar,” Ash said. “We’re going to have babies, and if they’re boys, it’s his name, and if they’re girls, it’s my name.”

Bryce Hall, who dated Rae at the beginning of her TikTok career, reacted to the TikTok videos on a podcast with influencer Josh Richards. Hall performed a comedy skit imitating Lopez introducing himself to others as Addison Rae’s dad.

“I’m sure Addison and Addison’s mom are going through it,” Richards said. “It would just suck; I can’t even imagine having your dad all over the internet for that.”

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