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ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they're dog walkers and HVAC techs.

By: Louie Chiang

Artificial intelligence chatbots are taking over some human jobs, like copywriting or content writing. These AI chatbots can create essays, images, and sounds. However, they are not as good as humans at writing with personality and accuracy. Companies are using chatbots to save money, even though the quality of the work is not as good as human writing. Some workers have lost their jobs because of the development of AI chatbots, but some people choose to do jobs that AI chatbots aren’t capable of. For example, jobs that require creativity, critical thinking, and emotions are less likely to be replaced by AI chatbots. Many of these jobs are in healthcare, education, and the arts. In addition, while AI is becoming more advanced, it is not yet perfect and can make mistakes, which can be expensive for companies to pay for.

As AI technology continues to advance, writers need to decide whether they want to compete with AI or try something new. It is also important for businesses to consider whether they want to stick with using chatbots or hire real people.

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