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ChatGPT and AI are Replacing Highly Paid Jobs

By: Iris Xu

When ChatGPT was released last November, AI took over a large number of occupations, causing many job losses.

Using technology, repetitive tasks can be automated. Now, artificial intelligence chatbots are advancing for highly compensated positions. Olivia Lipkin, a young copywriter in San Francisco didn’t worry about ChatGPT until one day, coverage broke on how ChatGPT could be used to write stories, songs, and books.

Months later, Lipkin discovered that she was let go from her job. Later, she found that her managers decided to use ChatGPT because it was quicker and cheaper than she was. After reconsidering office work, Lipkin decided to start another job as a dog walker.

According to The Washington Post, experts claim that even advanced AI technology won’t be able to write stories as well as humans. They don’t have the feeling, emotion, personal voice or style. When the chatbots spew out an article or storyline, it often comes out wrong, sounding off, or biased.

Ethan Mollich, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania says, “In every previous automation threat, automation was about automating the hard, dirty, repetitive jobs. This time, the automation threat is aimed squarely at the highest-earning, most creative jobs that … require the most educational background.”

Eric Fein ran his writing business for 10 years. He charged $60 an hour to write anything from 150-word descriptions of products to cannabis copywriting. He had 10 stable contractors, adding up to half of his yearly income for his wife and son.

However, in March of the 10th year of his business, a message was delivered to him from his biggest client. ChatGPT would be replacing him because it was much cheaper. Soon, Fein’s other clients began to cancel their contracts.

Now, Fien has a job that AI can’t do. He learned to be a HVAC technician and plans to be a plumber next year.

The Washington Post states that Sarah Roberts from the University of California in Los Angeles said that chatbots can create big mistakes because they work by predicting the most likely word in a sentence.

People have been looking for the cheapest and easiest solutions. The problem is that they are using AI as a solution, and not humans.

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