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Chasing a Cake, Leaving a Legacy

By: Michael Chang

Life is all about sustainability.

The ones who know have credibility.

Regardless of your ability,

You must contribute incredibly.

But as for me,

I ride along gleefully,

Care for the world passionately,

So I can leave behind a legacy.

You have limitless power,

You just have to scour,

No matter the hour,

You can conquer.

You can choose your career.

Be a teacher, a tennis player,

Or a lawyer,

But I will be a sustainer.

They advise me to take a break.

No, I will keep working until I get my cake.

I will make mistakes,

But I will never be a disgrace.

They arrive late,

In bad taste.

Conversely, I have great traits.

They say I am great at not being late.

I do not drink coffee.

On the contrary, I only drink juice made from lychee.

I like to agree,

But I cannot always guarantee.

I am working sustainably,

Trying to extend my longevity.

I am on a roll figuratively,

But realistically, my legacy is just growing joyously.

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